Welcome to Roo&Moo Design and Branding.

Roo and Moo specialize in creating beautifully designed visual identities and print collateral to help small to big businesses to heighten their marketing. On this website, you will find examples of brands and corporate businesses that have been taken on a wonderful journey. 

Created from the passion and the love for design and creative things, Roo and Moo offer a one to one, personal collaboration that delves into your vision and delivers effective, creative design and visual brand strategies.

Design and Branding

From your personal Logo to a simple postcard, or your entire visual identity, Roo and Moo can offer fresh and linear designs. Roo and Moo style is clear, uncomplicated and tailored to each client.


Using mixed media or just a simple sketch, illustrations always play a part during the initial strategic phase in each project. Roo and Moo can also create bespoke imagery to complete or emphasize your brand.​

Corporate Clinic

For brands that need a revamp or existing company with established branding in place and in need of extra visual support. Roo and Moo can consistently deliver original designs inline with the current corporate guidelines.

Meet Alex

Welcome to Roo and Moo Design and Branding.

If you’ve found me, you are probably needing some design support. Please take a look at my site where I’m showcasing some of my work and contact me for a collaboration. 

To get in touch please email: alex@rooandmoo.com

Design Process

Roo and Moo can implement or create your brand from a complete blank canvas. Delivering effective visual brand guidelines, you can expect a personal collaboration that helps you to develop your brand and marketing strategy. ​​